GALVENAAStationary CIP equipment is customized depending on the requirements of  particular production. This equipment is foreseen for CIP/SIP washing of bioreactors and other technological vessels, as well as for CIP/SIP washing of the pipelines of the technological line.

There are two working regimes of stationary CIP/SIP equipment: washing and sterilization. These regimes differ with settings, adjusted from operator panel or SCADA.

The connections of steam line, cooling water, compressed air and discharge can be provided according to the following diagram (one of the possible variants is introduced here)


CIP/SIP allows carrying out processes in two variants:

  1. Locally by operator control directly from the operator panel of CIP/SIP;
  2. Centrally by operator control from a remote operator panel or SCADA system.

The process of CIP/SIP is fully automatic. But, if necessary, a particular device or process can be switched to manual control.

The automatic process of CIP is carried out according to the selected recipe. The recipe includes stages and steps with corresponding parameters.

Any phase of washing consists of definite sequential steps. According to the selected mode of washing process, steps can differ.

In automated mode it is possible to perform the following phases of the process:

  •          Preliminary rinsing with cooled water;
  •          Preliminary rinsing with hot water;
  •          Washing with alkaline detergent;
  •          Rinsing with cooled water;
  •          Washing with acidic detergent;
  •          Final rinsing with cooled water;
  •          Final rising with injection solution;
  •          Washing and sterilization of pipelines.

It is possible to add new phases according to the requirements of particular production. Parameters of each phase can be adjusted to provide optimal working of CIP/SIP.

Stationary CIP/SIP gives the possibility to carry out the processes according GMP requirements.