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working with Bioreactors, Magnetic Agitators and Automation Systems is an innovative Latvian company that designs and manufactures Laboratory, Pilot and Industrial scale bioreactors.

Our bioreactors meet up-to-date requirements and include innovative solutions such as – model based control of fed-batch fermentation, a novel of magnetic drive and full factory production line development from seed fermenter to production fermenter.

Our bioreactors have been designed to be easily implemented and adapted to various applications. We have created laboratory bioreactors for cultivation of bacteria, mammalian cells and microalgae, using a common basic solution. 

We manufacture pilot scale bioreactors and components (vessel, technological stand, control cabinet), we supply each as a product separately. Thus, for example, our bioprocess controllers can be used in bioreactors of other manufacturers, therefore technological stands and control cabinets can ensure a fully automated process using the existing bioreactor vessel. 

We deliver autonomous bioreactors, and also project and manufacture complex bioreactor lines for various industrial production processes.

We have planned and implemented production lines with up to 15 bioreactors, and volume up to 20 m3 and all our bioreactors are equipped with novel magnetic coupling mixers. 

To ensure compliance with GMP rules, we are using SCADA software according to the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 (document from US Food and Drugs Administration). The quality system of Biotehniskais centrs, JSC is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification according to ISO 9001:2015

As bioreactor manufacturers with wide industrial experience our innovations have arisen from the company laboratory, where we test our own built bioreactors and carry out fermentation research in cooperation with scientific institutions. So far we have provided fed-batch fermentations by using microorganisms such as: E.coli, S.cerevisiae, K.marxianus, P.pastoris and algae cultures. is a laboratory, pilot and large process bioreactor manufacturer, our goal is to ensure the best customer experience possible. This is only possible by utilising and experiencing the processes ourselves.

Our cooperation with our laboratory ensures that our R&D processes are in line with the most demanding customer expectations.

Our laboratory works meticulously to fulfill the aforementioned goal.

We take part in scientific projects and work with our devices ourselves and continuously update our bioreactor systems to ensure constant development in making our devices bulletproof.’ The cooperation between our engineers and R&D teams has led to best manufacturing practices, better understanding of customer needs and more robust bioreactor design. The cooperation has led to improvements in oxygen transfer rate, design ergonomics, user interface, user experience improvements, interchangeability of components, improvements in sterility of the system itself. We have also developed a novel magnetic coupling drive for mixing, and a model based fed-batch control. The fact that we are utilising our products in scientific research gives us better insight in the process and the end-user needs

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