All-in-one visual bioprocess development Software.

With no programming skills required!

BioPC is a all-in-one node-based bioprocess development software suite.

It supports the entirety of the traditional fermentation technology pipeline, e.g. design of experiments (DoE), control of fermentations/cultivations, data gathering and statistical analysis, even process modelling and optimization.

Advanced users are given the necessary tools to create custom fermentation control loops, develop soft-sensors for hard-to-measure metabolites, fine-tune process models and use them to increasing the efficiency of any application.

BioPC Connection Hub

comes in 3 Options.

BioPC is well suited to small, medium and large manufacturers, which are looking for ways of increasing their product yields.

Furthermore, BioPC is a powerful tool for scientific groups, which are working on the verge of biotechnology and are looking for sophisticated solutions for otherwise complicated tasks.
Examples of BioPC applications have shown to:

How it Works

❶ Choose your system

e.g., design of experiments (DoE), control of fermentations/cultivations, data gathering and statistical analysis, process modeling and optimization and more.

❷ Select your Senesors & Actuators

BioPC allows the user to select any instruments, which are needed for a particular case. Either already in stock or ordered alongside your chosen BioPC model, as long as the instrument adheres to industry standards, you can use it.

❸ Start Building Your Process

It is simple as 1, 2, 3 – once the model and instruments are selected, everything is handled through the app. Select which instruments and values are required, create your process logic & start your process.

The complications of fed-batch process control are solved thanks to the state-of-the art model predictive control (MPC) node. Thus, BioPC provides unique options for designing, control and optimization of fed-batch bioprocesses.

The Platform Includes


BioPC is cross-platform and runs equally well on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh computers. Its
interface is node-based to provide intuitive and easy-to-learn workflow.
The BioPC software ships alongside the communication Hub (COMbox),

Free FED-BATCH model Calculator

This application is designed to calculate the feeding profile for a given specific biomass growth rate or target substrate concentration in the cultivation medium, taking into account the effect of the substrate and biomass concentrations. Additionally, the application is able to estimate the cultivation process model parameters based on the experimental data To launch the program open fed-batch-calculation>fed-batch-calculation.exe and follow the instructions in program

Program is intended for Windows(32 and 64 bit) operating systems

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