BioReBiore scada dialog screens is user friendly SCADA software to control laboratory fermentation process and store the process data. Additional sensors, balances and devices can be integrated in the SCADA. BioRe can operate on a single PC, network or remote via Internet. It can control one or several bioreactors. BioRe ensure the possibility to communicate with MATLAB based program via OPC server. MATLAB programm ensures fed-batch automatic control by on-line comparing of mathematical model with process off-line data. The user interface acts through SCADA.

BioRe is develop according the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 (document from US Food and Drugs Administration). Thet means that the process can be evaluated, reviewd, approved and archived without a single sheet of paper and without the possibility to falsify process data and signatures. Software development is based on ARC Informatique PC Vue industrial development package.