From 1 to 50 000 Liters

Industrial Bioreactors

For large scale production of various industrial products as vaccines, ferments for dairy products, bioleaching, biofertilizers, enzymes and proteins and more

Pilot Scale Bioreactors​

Stainless steel bioreactors from 20 till 15000 liters, as well as bioreactor lines, including other technological vessels. An autonomous bioreactor consists of 3 main parts:

Laboratory Bioreactors

Selection of robust, easily sterilisable and autoclavable bioreactors for laboratory with SIEMENS controllers and upgradeable options

CIP / SIP Systems for Industry

CIP/SIP SYSTEMS CIP washing mode consists of stages, but each stage – of steps. In fact, a stage of the washing process is considered as a realization of a definite type of washing process with selected parameters (temperature, time of CIP washing, time of discharge output