50L bioreactor

This bioreactor line is for the cultivation of Pichia pastoris to manufacture enzymes and proteins.
The system is fully closed and automated, consisting of following key elements:

  1. 50, 500 and 2×5000 litre bioreactors (total volumes);
  2. Stationary CIP/SIP for automated cleaning and sterilization of bioreactors, reactors and
    connecting pipelines;
  3. Circulation sterilizer for sterilization of substrate;
  4. Feeding reactors for glycerol and methanol;
  5. Connecting heat-insulated pipelines and the group of pneumatically controlled membrane valves.

The following parameters in bioreactors are controlled:

  • temperature;
  • pH;
  • DO;
  • overpressure;
  • hydrostatic pressure;
  • level;
  • methanol concentration;
  • foaming.

The central cascade control system includes SCADA
developed in compliance with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

Lid 5000L bioreactor
Pichia pastoris bioreactors