Novel Magnetic Coupling Drive

We introduce a novel line of magnetically coupled mixer drives for biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical applications requiring high-grade aseptic conditions.

Our solutions enable their application in larger volume bioreactors compared to traditional magnetic drives, due to a possibility of introducing higher power quantities per individual rotor, while ensuring higher mixing intensity. The proposed design has proven itself in a wide variety of mixing applications, by providing high purity, high power, low maintenance and robust mixing even at 20 m3 production scales.

Our mixing technology has been successfully applied in the following
production sectors:

Working principles of the Magnetic Coupling Drive

The working principle is based on transferring mechanical power by means of interaction between two pairs of magnetic rotors, which are placed inside and outside of a hermetic containment housing

Rotors, Bushings & Flanges

Thanks to the novel design of our magnetic rotors, flow stagnation in the air gap between the outer rotor and the containment housing is fully eliminated, which is crucial for CIP and SIP procedures

Size and Installation Options

All of our magnetic mixer assemblies are delivered as ready-to-use equipment, which can be installed in the designated vessel in a matter of minutes.

Ready-to-use assemblies of magnetic mixers are an ideal solution for new tanks, which are just being prepared for operation, or for refurbishing existing equipment. The full mixer assembly comes with a complete set of parts for immediate operation. The standard package includes:

Application Examples

Preview the real life versions of magnetic mixers installed in various size industrial bioreactors as primary agitation system

► Maximal process and product safety 

► High mixing efficiency & Suitable for viscous liquids 

► Easy maintenance & No lubrication needed

► Applicable up to 50 000 Liters