Magnetic Mixing Drive

Size and Assembly Installation options

Thanks to the novel design of our magnetic rotors, flow stagnation in the air gap between the outer rotor and the containment housing is fully eliminated, which is crucial for CIP and SIP procedures.

All of our magnetic rotors are delivered as ready-to-use equipment, which can be installed on the designated magnetic mixer in a matter of minutes. The full mixer assembly comes with a complete set of parts for immediate operation. The standard package includes:


Powerful, robust, small-scale magnetic mixers, which are able to operate at high agitation rates (up to 1500 RPM). Ideal for laboratory tanks (up to 10 L working volumes). 

Thanks to the high torque rating, the D20 series mixers are able to provide optimal mass transfer rates even in highly viscous liquids. In the proposed design, a gap between the outer rotors and the hermetic containment housing is maintained in order to avoid grinding between rotating and static elements. 

Simultaneously, two concentric lines of suction slots were machined into the body of the outer rotor.

 The upper layer slots guide the liquid in such a way, so that the movement on the boundary layer during rotation would be directed towards the gap between the containment housing and outer rotor. In the vicinity of the lower suction slot layer the flow direction is opposite that of the upper layer, so that liquid would move from the air gap to the outside environment. 

Such design aspects, considering the suction slots, were envisioned, in order to avoid flow stagnation in the air gap between the outer rotor and the containment housing, which is crucial during both microorganism cultivation/fermentation processes and CIP procedures.

Material in contact with product

316L Stainless steel, SiC, ZrO2 ,Silicone or Vitton

Rotor type

D20 series magnetic rotors

Rated torque (per each rotor), N.m

1 – 2

Containment housing outer diameter, mm


Agitation rate range,

40 – 1500 RPM max. (depends on application)

Working position


Installation position


Maximal working temperature


Maximal temperature during sterilization


Maximal time during sterilization

60 minutes

Sizing Guide

D20 for Vessel 5-20

D38 for Vessel 30-200L

D60 for Vessel 200-1000L

D101 for Vessel 1000 – 20000L

D156 for Vessel >20000L