VIP unit on wheels

This system is an equipment unit, placed on a movable platform. The platform is easy to move around in the production facility to connect it to the CIP washed fermenter or another technological vessel. A maximum speed of detergent circulation – 5000 l/h (can be varied).

The CIP platform contains two centrifugal pumps (for CIP supply and return), two dosage pumps with two plastic vessels, pipes and fittings for detergent concentrate, a control cabinet with a touchscreen operator panel, manual and automatic valves, couplings and armature to provide the washing operation.

The mobile CIP unit allows the washing of fermenters and other vessels with a total volume of 20 to 1000 liters.

The mobile CIP unit allows the implementing of both manual and completely automatic modes of the washing process. The automatic mode of operation has to be adjusted (or selected) in each case. These operations can be done from the operator panel.

CIP washing mode consists of stages, but each stage – of steps. In fact, a stage of the washing process is considered as a realization of a definite type of washing process with selected parameters (temperature, time of CIP washing, time of discharge output, detergent pH, speed of concentrate supply, fast speed of mixer rotation, slow speed of mixer rotation, speed of CIP washer pump, duration of washer impulse and a pump interval at impulse working mode, etc.).

In automatic mode it is possible to perform the following operations of CIP washer:

  •  Preliminary rinsing;
  •  Washing with alkaline detergent;
  •  Rinsing;
  •  Washing with acidic detergent;
  •  Final rinsing.

The automatic process of CIP is carried out according to a selected recipe. The recipe includes the defined stages and steps with corresponding parameters.

Any phase of washing consists of definite sequential steps. According to the selected mode of the washing process, steps can differ. These steps can be, for example, valve opening, the start of a pump, the start of the mixer and other events, connected with switching on or switching off the working appliances. Parameters of steps are given in the instruction and according to the necessity can be changed. In that way, the instruction consists of a definite sequence of washer phases. The maximum amount of washer phases is12. In the automatic mode of CIP washer, it is possible to automatically stop and finish the work process.