Photobioreactor PBR-5.4 is an autoclavable glass / stainless steel photobioreactor with vessel volume of 6.2 L (working volume 2 – 4.5 L, inner diameter – 150 mm).

Laboratory bioreactor PBR-5.4 is devised for precise phototrophic cultivation of algae and cyanobacteria.

Bioprocess controller BIO-4

In the bioprocess controller BIO-4 are included: colored 5.6” touch screen interface display, thermostat, peristaltic pumps, LED cover, illumination control, air and СO2 gas supply unit.

 Bioprocess controller BIO-4 ensures:

  • Control of pH, pO2, illumination (LED) intensity, temperature, foam and culture level
  • Display of the process data (temperature, pH, pO2, illumination intensity etc.)
  • CO2 supply via automatic pH control or manual CO2 gas flow rate control
  • Illumination intensity control – 0 to 100% (0 to 1500 µmol/m2/s)
  • Control of the illumination intensity as a time dependent profile program
  • Illumination day/night cycles
  • Remote control of the experiment via internet, real time data acquisition and plotting (SCADA Control System)
  • Thermoregulation (is carried out trough double wall bottom (jacket), with thermo-stating water circulation)
  • Both static and day/night temperature control is possible
  • Mixing (provided by mixer consisting of 2 propeller type turbines devised for shear sensitive microorganism cultivation
  • Addition of various substances (provided by peristaltic pumps for hemostat cultivation mode and fed-batch control (fed-batch control constant or pulse).