Clean technology cluster


In the beginning of 2012 the Biotechnology Association of Latvia launched the project “CleanTech Cluster Latvia”. 26 industry enterprises and 5 related research institutes have joined to the cluster initiative since then. Our company alsi is the mrmber of CleanTech cluster.

The establishment of the cluster organization is supported by the European Union Structural Funds under administration of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).

Cleantech in Latvia is not yet an explicit sector. But while solving environmental and resource efficiency problems we see a lot of activities in different sectors with characteristics of Cleantech. This is most common in sectors such as recycling, development of alternative energy sources, biomass, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Most of the cross sector collaboration happens in a sub-sector level and most often the goal is solving a common problems regarding specific products. Overall growth of the sector is tightly linked to collaboration between companies on this sub-sector level and we believe that focusing on managing this collaboration is a key to growing competitive capacity of the companies involved.

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