Single use bioreactor

Single use bioreactor

The EDF-5.4 monoblock can be adapted for single use bioreactor control. For example, we have expierence in application of single use vessels from CerCell (Danmark).

CerCell has configurable vessels of different volumes (0.5 to75 liters). These vessels are equipped with all necessary accessories to provide fermentations of different microbial cultures. An important advantage of these vessels is the possibility to achieve high mixer rotation speeds. For example, 7.5 liter bioreactor, equipped with 3 ruchton turbines, can achieve mixer rotation speed up to 1500 rpm. In SUB it is possible to apply both single use and sterilizable pH and pO2 sensors.


The application of SUB has following advantages:

  • Decreases the risk of contamination;
  • Eliminates the necessity to acquire and maintain the infrastructure for the processes (cleaning and sterilisation), which can be critical for validation;
  • Simplifies and reduces validation costs;
  • Reduces the costs of labor expenditures for the preparation operations (assembling –  disassembling, cleaning and sterilization);
  • The possibility to develop the fermentation processes according GMP requirements.

We have tested 7.5 liter vessel from CerCell in fed-batch cultivation of E.Coli. Obtained results were comparable with fermentations in a laboratory scale autoclavable glass bioreactor.