Specialized version is develop according the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 (document from US Food and Drugs Administration). Software development is based on ARC Informatique PC Vue industrial development package.

The software provides following functions:

  • Data visualization in the graphical and table forms (on-line or historical data);
  • Archivation;
  • Indication the status of bioreactor elements;
  • Data can be exported in ASCII format for other applications ;
  • Off-line data adding;
  • The control of executive devices;
  • Adjusting of Set Points and another control parameters;
  • Storage and display of alarms;
  • The report of all alarms, including the times of  alarm appearance, acknowledgment and  prevention ;
  • The report of operator actions, where are fixed the times of login/logout, set point changes, setting on/off of executive devices, start/stop of process, etc;
  • Access to operations is allowed only for authorized users. Access level of every operator is defined through passwords.

The program drivers ensure the communication between the software and many popular PLC, for example, Siemens Simatic, Schneider Electric Quantum, General Electric Fanuc, etc.  The communication can be provided also with the help of OPC server, which gives the possibility to connect software with control units in wide range.