Magnetic Mixing Drive

Rotors, bushings and flanges​

Thanks to the novel design of our magnetic rotors, flow stagnation in the air gap between the outer rotor and the containment housing is fully eliminated, which is crucial for CIP and SIP procedures. All of our magnetic rotors are delivered as ready-to-use equipment, which can be installed on the designated magnetic mixer in a matter of minutes. The full mixer assembly comes with a complete set of parts for immediate operation. The standard package includes:


A traditional design of the worlds most popular radial impeller for mixing applications requiring high gas-to-liquid mass transfer rates. Ideal for bacterial and yeast cultivation/fermentation processes, where a powerful radial liquid flow is preferable.


The design of our Pitched-blade impellers provides low shear stress mixing, while maintaining a steady and effective axial liquid flow. Ideal for mammalian and mycelium cell culture cultivation/fermentation processes, where soft and effective mixing is crucial.

For Viscous Liquids

Our novel impeller solution for highly viscous Non-Newtonian fermentation broths. Thanks to the combined powerful axial/radial liquid flow, which is generated by our impeller, mass transfer is enhanced even in the close vicinity of the fermentation vessels wall.


Two pairs of silicon carbide and zirconium oxide bushings are mounted on both sides of the outer rotor to provide stable rotation and minimize friction. 

The proposed design enables the possibility to provide higher power inputs during mixing compared to conventional magnetic mixers, which utilize electromagnetic drives or bearingless slice motors.


The proposed magnetic mixers design, the hermetic containment housing, which is placed in the bioreactor’s inner environment, remains stationary it is easier to fully eliminate shaft oscillation, which in turn decreases the potential power loss due to friction. 

For convenient mixer installation, we provide suitable flanges (for both top and bottom mixer installations), which can be welded on to existing or newly constructed vessels.