Automation solutions

We offer a variety of automation solutions for bioreactors and industry in general

bioprocess Automation

We carry out customer specialized automation projects for biotechnology related and other industrial processes. Both our company manufactured bioreactor production lines, and production lines from other manufacturers can be automated.


Model based fed-batch control

In fermentations, where it is necessary to provide increasing high density biomass (for example, it is typical for recombinant protein biosynthesis, using E.coli strains), the choice of optimal substrate feeding profile is substantial.


We offer several types of scada depending on user preference and options from basic version, to specialized version and BioRe for specific laboratory uses

Technological skid for new and used bioreactors

The technological skid is used to transform new and used stainless steel vessels into bioreactors. This product is intended for manufacturers of stainless steel vessels and users in need to update their fermentation equipment, because stainless steel has a much longer service life than the automation parts.